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Brave Tales CD-ROM – Raise literacy standards and enjoy teaching…

How to:

  • develop pupil’s aural skills as an essential precursor to improved writing
  • use visual planning and phsyical enactment to reveal story structure, clarify ideas and shape content

For many children, storytelling provides the motivating missing ingredient that opens the door to Literacy.

Over thirty minutes of film in total, filmed in real class settings across the primary age range; modelling in detail how to teach the six core activities for storytelling, including one full professional storytelling demonstration.

What has it got?

  • a great fat bank of suggested activities to enliven your literacy hour
  • video clips of real children in real classrooms enjoying storytelling based sessions
  • printable resources and examples of children’s work
  • suggestions for linking ICT work into literacy
Brave Tales CD-ROM


Brave Tales CD-ROM Brave Tales CD-ROM Brave Tales CD-ROM Brave Tales CD-ROM