Brave Tales Ltd

Brave Tales Fairytale Collection Launch

Ottakars in Truro is a great place; they genuinely love books (and good coffee).Tthey gave us a window display and put on a Saturday morning storytelling session to launch our books. What splendid people.

Will grimacing mid-story


Jago (the illustrator) Will Coleman (author) and Jason Salisbury (designer) proudly hold up examples of their handiwork;

Jago, Will and Jason holding little books


Saturday morning shoppers had to cope with Will leaping about, telling stories and generally clogging up the shop

will telling a story


Will signed books for audience members (including one copy of 'Mr Tickle' for young Ben who hadn't quite got the hang of the event!)

people queuing-up for book signing


Afterwards we had a book signing circus aided by Will's kids, Tom, Merryn and Gabrielle.

sitting around a table signing books